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Due to publicity around the death of Rowan Stringer in 2013 (a young woman from an Ottawa high school that the founders son attended) research into concussion sensors was reactiviated and further research was started.  With the legislature passing Rowan’s Law in 2016, and concussions in the news daily, RoweBots developed their first concussion monitoring system – R2CMS. Using the wireless gateway technology, RoweBots demonstrated a solution with a model for identifying and monitoring athletes with concussion symptoms. Home Healthcare Systems was created, in part, to commercialize this technology expanded with additional sensors to monitor all vital signs in addition to head impacts.  This initial product is called SPORTsSAFER.

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With a broad protocol wireless gateway available, and reusing components from SPORTsSAFER, the opportunity to address chronic health care conditions was created and SafetyPatch was born.

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